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Dropping with Devin: Cory’s Story

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Please Read This Post Before Joining Us On Cory’s Journey!

Over 20 years ago, I lost 70 pounds. In 2008, I released a book called, “The Most Decadent Diet Ever!” that starts, loosely, with the story of how I did that eating the foods I love. Since 1994, I’ve been coaching others – some celebrities, some everyday people, empowering them to lose weight. My proudest accomplishments are helping one person lose about 170 pounds and another lose 140. Plus I’ve helped a few celebrities look “sick” for movie roles in which they’ve played patients and then coached thousands of pounds off others (collectively).

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Are you Marching Along on Your New Years Resolutions? :)

Hi Everyone,

Now that it’s March…I’m wondering…are those New Years Resolutions a thing of the past?  I’m hoping that this year, the resolve truly was/is Resolve!!!  If not, why not?  What’s the struggle? What’s the block?  Change CAN happen.  My 15-year-old self, who never would have believed that…clearly does now!  And Cory is showing us RIGHT NOW!  

When I started really working with Cory a couple of months ago, he was so so stuck.  He literally sent me a day of logged meals…and we calculated it at close to 5,000 calories!  In! One! Day!  Now, he hasn’t touched fast food in weeks and he’s going to the gym like a TOTAL Rock Star!  

What was the shift?  (Cory, feel free to chime in further)…but Cory didn’t have a sense of his future.  He knew he wanted to lose weight…but didn’t know what his purpose was in life.  When asked about the vision for his life…he spent hours working on it…only to TOTALLY sell himself short.  It was like he wasn’t in touch with a dream…at all!  Forget achieving it!  It DIDN’T exist!  Sure, we all have fleeting ideas of what we think we’d like.  But how deep are you willing to go to dream?  I kept saying to Cory, that I needed him to dream so big it was one step below someone waiving a magic wand! And,poof,now he’s losing weight again. Cooincidence?  I don’t think so!  (Actually, I know not!).  

If you’re someone who bailed on your New Years Resolutions already, it’s not that you don’t want the weight loss bad enough (trust me, I KNOW you do!)…you don’t have the outer purpose and the “stakes” high enough.  So please please please, take time to figure out what you want…out of life.  Out of love.  Out of….  And then work on getting closer to those things!  Set deadlines for yourself.  Take actions on them!  If your boss sucks and you aren’t looking for a new job, it’s likely you’re overeating or just plain feeling bad to compensate.  So get moving on figuring out how to get away from everything bugging you!  Does your husband or wife “suck”?  What if you spend the next 30 days loving him/her with all your might unconditionally?  Focus some energy on being loving and pampering toward him/her regardless.  Try to reconnect on a deep level and see what happens — even if he/she resists.  Even if he she thinks your nuts…and suspects something is up!  Sometimes, just deciding to change YOUR behavior when someone or something is bugging you, causes a MASSIVE shift forcing it to all work out. And if it doesn’t if after 30 days of putting someone else or something else first, NOTHING happens, then maybe it’s time to seek elsewhere for support??  (But only if you put your heart and soul into something so deeply w/o any expectation for the 30 days).  

Clearly, I’m not an expert in many things…but I do know a lot about food and A LOT about being stuck…and getting unstuck!  Will everyone please join me in praising Cory for listening to me babble and following my advice so deeply that he feels like a new man so quickly!  Don’t get me wrong, it’s “not over”.  He has a way to go.  But he decided to trust in me for a bit…and he got what he wanted — a change in himself.  I can’t make anyone stick to resolutions!  And while I wish I had a magic wand, I don’t. :(  But I “succeed” with people in weight loss…because I’m here when I say I’ll be here…and I know that it’s about creating a happy relationship with food and getting inspired IN LIFE!  Are you ready to take the reins?  It will make me the happiest girl ever if you tell me a dream that you know you want…but have been too scared or stuck…to even begin to go after!

Remember – I moved to LA by MYSELF with no family or friends here…with a dream.  I have no family in the tv world and no trust fund.  I was never “supposed to” be on tv or do most of what I’ve gotten to do…except that I wanted it soooo badly…and knew that I could help people.  When people said, “you’ll never make it as a healthy chef — no one cares about healthy food (over 10 years ago when they didn’t) — you’re young and hip and healthy isn’t”, I started collecting those names in a shoebox…and kept to my dream. And it worked…they fueled me to push harder and stronger and do I knew what I could do.  Start today with a belief..and you’ll likely find yourself on the path Cory is on today!  One of a warrior…who is killing it!!



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Happy Valentines! (& Cory Update!)

Happy Valentines, Everyone!

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I hope your day is filled with love and happiness!  (commercial holiday or not!). :p  I am a lucky girl, as I do have something special planned today…I hope you do too!  

As an update on Cory, he’s doing great!  I know I’ve not been great at sharing the coaching recently — I apologize.  To be honest, Cory is on such a roll that he hasn’t needed much from me at all!  WOO HOO!  And I’ve been exceptionally busy both with work (popped down to Devinly Decadence in the Caribbean last weekend unexpectedly) and a couple of things in my personal life.  So while he’s doing well, I’ve just been doing quick text check ins.  All of that said, I’m still pushing him and he’s killing it! :)  SO I’m wondering if everyone has finished writing out their dreams?  If you’re following along with Cory, you know that that’s the big thing he’s working on outlining…the best way to guarantee he’ll stay focused (enough of this yo yo stuff!)!  :)

I challenged him, in honor of loving HIMSELF for Vtines, since he hasn’t yet met his soulmate, to really have the plan in place as to how he’s going to achieve his dream to become a trainer.  I wanted him to figure out the steps that it will take…and then commit to breaking it out over time, dedicating a realistic amount of time to it each week:

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For anyone else needing some help getting close to any desire, this is a great way to go. Without a plan, it’s not nearly as likely to happen!  Trust me, I know.  So as we start this day of “love”, maybe put a little extra attention on something you want!

In the meantime, I’ll be back soon with more Cory posts!  I’m so insanely proud of his progress!  He’s dropping real numbers!

Much love!