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Dropping with Devin: Cory’s Story

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Please Read This Post Before Joining Us On Cory’s Journey!

Over 20 years ago, I lost 70 pounds. In 2008, I released a book called, “The Most Decadent Diet Ever!” that starts, loosely, with the story of how I did that eating the foods I love. Since 1994, I’ve been coaching others – some celebrities, some everyday people, empowering them to lose weight. My proudest accomplishments are helping one person lose about 170 pounds and another lose 140. Plus I’ve helped a few celebrities look “sick” for movie roles in which they’ve played patients and then coached thousands of pounds off others (collectively).

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Update: I am so thankful! Plans for the week!

Good evening Coach, and Team!

First off, I cannot wait until I can be someone’s coach! It has got to be an incredible feeling! Which brings me to this. I am so thankful to all of you and to Devin for all the support you all give me and the time that Devin takes out of her day to listen and reach out to me. If I have a question, she’s so amazing to help when she can! I can’t express nearly enough how so very grateful I am! 

My personal trainer certification course is going well! Passed all my quiz’s and discussion points. I am learning a lot of things that I never realized were involved in the training process! I even learned something’s I plan to incorporate into my training that I never even thought of! I started week 2 of my course. It’s on the “Human Movement Assessment”. The reading can be a bit stiff from time to time, but in those moments I either read out loud or take a small break. Relax. And get back to the grind. I have high school teachers that would be surprised. I was never much of the studying type. I’ve always just been a sponge of information. So to be that guy with a nose in a book is totally different. LOL!

I also started working on a project where I live. It’s a zombie walk. I know it may seem soon to plan a Halloween event, but to reach out to decent sponsors and not feel rushed, it’s the perfect time. I’ve done it 2 of the last 3 years. It was a learning experience, but one I was so happy to do. I mean it’s definitely active. At times people get so in character and give chase to people. Good thing it’s all in fun, and oh so active. It’s about a 2 mile walk. Walking masked as fun? I’ll take it! LOL!

Couple those 2 with my work schedule, and it makes for a full schedule. Good thing is, I can do both while sitting at work. I mean in my free time! 😉 The rest of the week I am planning on making my way back down to Santa Monica to those lovely stairs (Friday) and this time, I am so timing myself! (Update on that when it happens!) I’m going to have a meeting with my perspective partner for the walk. And if I can manage it, I think I am going to aim for 10 miles a day this week. It’s not that lofty a goal if you think about it. A good part of that can be walking through a mall and shops and what not. 

Oh! OH! OHHHHH!!! I forgot to mention this little thing! I went to breakfast with my mom and sister this morning. On our way home, my mom had made a comment about how she was feeling bloated lately, so she was cutting out top ramen. I asked her if she would please get on this program with me for 2 weeks, and if she liked it, continue it with me. Guess what?! SHE!!! SAID!!! YES!!!!!!! That makes me so happy! Especially when she’s been fighting me! So excited to share with you more on that little development! 

 So that wraps up this week’s blog post! Please feel free to follow me on Facebook and leave your comments. I love hearing from everyone!!! 


Also if you care to see what I have going on with my zombie walk, by all means let me know, and i will share that with everyone!

Love you all!

Cory “Genesis” Johnson